TalentLens is Pearson’s occupational testing division, offering assessments to help you recruit and develop your staff.

We have a wide range of tests designed to simplify and enhance employee attraction and retention. They cover the 3 main areas of talent management: selection, development, and graduate recruitment.

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Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal
Ideal for graduate, executive and managerial hires, this tool reveals candidates’ ability to solve new and complex tasks.

BPS-accredited ability and personality training
Become a British Psychological Society accredited test user and administer your own recruitment campaigns.

Learning Style Questionnaire
LSQ insights can help improve teamwork, communication and self awareness at all career levels. New online LSQ reports now available.

Product matrix

See at a glance the key products we offer for each area:

Area Assessed








Critical Thinking / Verbal Reasoning

Watson Glaser

Watson Glaser, LSQ

Watson Glaser

Numerical Reasoning

Athena, Ranra



Inductive / Abstract Reasoning




Situational Judgement

IRIS / Bespoke


IRIS / Bespoke

Spoken English



Mechanical Reasoning

DAT / Bennett



Sosie, Orpheus

Sosie, Golden, LSQ, Orpheus


Why work with us?

  • Save time and reduce hiring costs
  • Improve candidate quality at final stage of recruitment
  • Manage high volumes of applicants
  • Quickly sift candidates on the basis of solving new and complex tasks
  • Determine likely organisational and role fit
  • Identify leadership potential
  • Benefit from our bespoke service and advice.
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